About Us
Good Taste Restaurant, a passion and a leap of faith in 2007 at Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Selangor. Brainchild of Mr.Lee Kit Fong, an extraordinary cook who had honed his skills over the years through his constant association with some of the finest master cooks of the time.

Today the restaurant is managed by LDY METAL ART DESIGN SDN BHD a food and beverage private limited company. Whereby it proudly owns 12 restaurants around Klang Vallley.

With a rich experience of over 20 years in the field of catering industry, we strive offer efficient, reliable and world class services for customers. All of our food is cooked using only the freshest and finest ingredients and utillizing traditional food cooking methods.

At the core of our business is the determination to provide the best possible dining experiences to our clients. Our long term vision is consistently active in creating and maintaining a sound customer base.

Good Taste, Good Life



今天,餐厅由一家食品及饮料私人有限公司 - LDY METAL ART DESIGN SDN BHD 管理,并在短短的时间内,在巴生谷一带开了12间分行。


我们业务的核心是为客户提供最好的食物。 企业的愿景是长期维护和增加良好的客户群。

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